Shipping, Returns, and Stock Levels

Shipping Policy

Big Sky Kart endeavors to get all orders shipped by the next business day. However occasionally shipping companies, weather, and holidays will interfere with shipping. Should a delay be more than one day, we’ll contact you via e-mail about the issue. As we are racers, we know that you need your parts as soon as possible.

Shipping damage should be taken care of with the shipper. If you need help, we’re there for you, and will help you with a claim. Please, if there is damage in shipping you MUST have all packaging and items in the box available for inspection by shipping company. For help with shipping issues, email sa***@bi***********.com or call us at our contact numbers.

If we are shipping you item back to you (because service is done on it) we REQUIRE that you pay for insurance that covers replacement cost. We will try and reuse your shipping materials, however if that is not possible, we will charge a crate fee in addition to shipping costs.


Manufacturer warranties must be taken up with that manufacturer, the only (current) exception to this is Iame Engines. Please email sales@bigskyraceway for information about warranty work.

Items in new, salable condition (must be in undamaged original packaging) may be returned for store credit, less 20% restock fee. Make sure you check sizing before ordering, we charge restock fees on any returned safety gear that is not manufacturer defect. Return shipping is YOUR responsibility. Tires, Electronics, Engines, and Engine parts generally may NOT be returned.

Returns because of shipping issues are done on a case-by-case basis. Please contact sa***@bi***********.com if you have a shipping issue.

DO NOT RETURN ANYTHING WITHOUT CONTACTING US FIRST! Now read that again. If you return anything without an RMA #, it will be either refused (if we manage to catch it) or thrown away. We DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS WITHOUT RMA. RMA# needs to be on outside of box, in permanent marker, near label (in this format RMA:0000000 Replace the 0’s with your actual number.) Each box in the RMA must have the number on it!!! If your sending something in for service, see the next section, and follow that policy EXACTLY. If you need to return something, you MUST email sales@bigskyraceway or call us at 406-662-8378 and get an RMA number. Anything sent to us should have insurance, if it arrives damaged, it’s your responsibility.

Sending items to us for repair

#1, do not send anything with out getting a Service ID number (SID#). If we receive unsolicited items, they are disposed of. Sid number must be on the outside of the box, in permanent marker, near the label (in this format SID:0000000 Replace the 0’s with your actual number.) Each box must have your SID number for that order! Item MUST be shipped insured.

There are two recommended ways to ship engines. We offer shipping crates made out of HDPE that you can bolt your engine into, however they are not cheap. The second way is to build a wooden crate and bolt the engine in. (Note, use screws, so it can be taken apart and put back together, this will save you a lot of money. If the crate is destroyed in shipping, or we have to break it to get in, then you will have to pay us to build you a crate to return it!) If you use a wooden crate, a trick to save yourself money, put cardboard on the outside of the crate, forming a cardboard box, UPS charges more if the package is not cardboard…

If you ship in cardboard boxes, you MUST double box and use lots of packing, we would recommend either sealed air packing, wadded newspaper/shipping paper, or air packing. Again, insure this. If it’s damaged (beyond the repair you’re requesting) it will be on you to pay for.

Stock Levels

Because we not only sell parts online, but at our part trailers as well, this can mean that the website does not show the correct stock level for items. If we run into an issue with stock, we will email you, allow you to have a refund(full refund), a back order, or a substitution. This will hold up your order a little bit, but the faster you respond, the faster we can get your box off to you.